The Female Principle


Our system of worlds offers a dual approach to consciousness expansion. Each incarnation grants the opportunity to explore and develop intelligence at all levels through incorporating male or female properties. As manifested in the individual, so too in the human race and the planet. Great male and female cycles of manifestation trace the evolutionary needs of the planet and life upon it. They repeat themselves endlessly. New beginning usually coincide with Golden Ages where humanity derives the benefit of previous error.


Masculine or Feminine is a lot more than appearance, physical ability, or the stereotypes that claim to represent it. It involves a series of complex and subtle energy mechanisms of perception that offer polar experiences in handling intelligence and substance. It is not developed or hidden within its so-called opposite; we choose it as a precious personal opportunity to explore perception and manifest creativity.


In the beginning of every cycle there is a birthing. This wholly illogical process marks a discontinuity and proceeds from apparent nothingness; a mystery that must remain so for the rational mind. Then follows development through mastering survival and physical boundaries. Trial and error, effort and discipline, mark this directional drive of unicellular units forward. So, human expression progresses from self-management to the construction of complex, social entities in the spirit of competition. When the second movement, the male impulse, has reached its age, everything moves on new beginnings… again.


We are almost at the end of a great male cycle that began 2500 years ago during the time of Stonehenge. At that moment humanity took a leap forward through the injection of the Male Principle kick-starting millennia of expansion, conquest, and the development of alternate forms of leadership. It is giving way now to another beginning. Life is ready and yearning. Everywhere there is the emerging need for love, peace, and collective consciousness, while the tail end of the male era struggles hopelessly for dominance.


We are entering the path of the Feminine Principle that will heighten awareness of sentience, quality, and humane values as a viable methodology within the gestating dynamic of chaos. Like in the beginning. The Feminine Ray, or what we might term the Feminine Principle brings levels within levels of awareness. It is already sensed.


It is time for those who incorporate the Feminine Principle, the women of this earth, to respond to the higher call that will awaken unprecedented expressions of the Mother Spirit. It is time for the woman to lead, not by force or competition but by becoming aware of what she is, developing her unique quality and enveloping the earth. It is a return of the priestess before Isis ever was. Zulmas current work is centred on the Feminine Initiation. The movement she has created is called MMD -- woMen who Make a Difference. For further information on the subject, link to MMD page on the blog,


The feminine does not imitate; it is. Our current understanding cannot yet conceive of what lies as yet gestating within the vast womb of Absolute and Infinite Beingness. We know without knowing in the true spirit of the Feminine Principle. Its power lies deeply within earth's cellular memory, imprinted indelibly in the female.